Upcoming Concerts

* 2023 *

Cello Suite by Gaspar Cassadó & more as opening concert at Preludium & friends festival on
23. September 2023 at Gemeindesaal Höngg ZH

Cello tutti at Jubiläumskonzert Fritz Stüssi (1874–1923) 
- Stüssi Oratorium „Vergehen und Auferstehen“ and 
- Mozart Requiem by Zürcher Kammerphilharmonie on
07. October 2023 at Martinskirche Basel, and on
10. October 2023 at Tonhalle Zürich

Cello tutti at Zürcher Kammerphilharmonie, playing
- Fritz Stüssi, Festliche Ouvertüre in D major
- Joseph Haydn, symphony No 82 in C major
- J. N. Hummel, trumpet concert, E flat major
- Wolfgang A. Mozart, magic flute ouverture, on
8. November 2023, 14:00 & 17:00, at Kirche Fraumünster in Zürich

* 2024 *

Cello tutti at Zürcher Kammerphilharmonie, playing
- Johannes Brahms, Sextett No 2 in G major, Op. 36
- Piotr I. Tchaikovsky, Souvenir de Florence, Op. 70
Fri  08. March, 19:30, at Musikschule Konservatorium in Zürich
Sat 09. March, 19:30, at Schloss Au in Au-Wädenswil ZH
Sun 10. March, 11.00, at Kirche Stäfa in Stäfa ZH 

14-24 April, China Tour Avalon Quartet

26. December 2024 - 7. January 2025, China Tour Avalon Quartet

On demand 
Cello Solo, Cello Piano Duo, String Quartett or Amúr Cello & Guitar Duo, dates to be negotiated – contact anzhezuo[@] for Europe, or MY-Arts Promotion for China

Past Concerts

Bergen National Opera, Summer Academy Opera at the Fjord 2023: three string players
* 2023 *

ANZHE ZUO & EKA BUKUCHAVA Cello Piano Duo play 
- Beethoven Cello & Piano Sonata No 3 Op. 69, and 
- Rachmaninov Sonata Op. 19 on
20. September 2023 in Weiningen ZH

Cello solo (& tutti) at concert with Kurt Zeltner & band on 
8. September 2023 in Euthal playing Gaspar Cassadó, etc.

Cello tutti at Golden Festival – Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bottesini, Stüssi – by Zürcher Kammerphilharmonie on 
25. / 26. August 2023 at Kirche Tal in Herrliberg ZH

Cello solo concert at Vernissage of Francesca Beau fine arts in Hotel de Rougemont on
10. August 2023 playing Bach, Piatti, Cassadó, etc.

Haydn Cello concerto in D major at final concert of Frans Helmerson master class by Fondation Sion Violin Musique on 
5. August 2023

Cello-Piano-Duo with Madeleine McGhee for the sponsors of the International Summer Academy Biel with Antonio Meneses
17. July 2023 

Piano & strings, Astor Piazzolla 4 seasons, arr. by Pablo Zieger 
16. July 2023 at Stauffer Summer Music Festival in Cremona, Italy

Cello tutti in "Opera by the fjord - Summer academy 2023" at BERGEN NATIONAL OPERA playing Strauss (Fledermaus), Puccini (Bohéme) and a selection of Arias on
27. June – 1. July 2023

Cello tutti in 
Lebenslust und Melancholie der Romantik, 
Mendelssohn concerto in d minor & Brahms symphony No 2, by Zürcher Kammerphilharmonie on
23. June 2023 in Reformierte Kirche Uster ZH, and on
25. June 2023 in Kirche St. Peter Zürich

Piano Sommerkonzert on
24. June 2023 in Winterthur ZH

Amúr Cello & Guitar Duo together with Tiago Almeida playing 
- Antonio Vivaldi
- Heitor Villa-Lobos
- Manuel de Falla, and
- Astor Piazzolla on
15. June 2023 in Weiningen ZH

Cello Guitar Duo on
3. June 2023 in Grosshöchstetten BE

Cello Concerto on 
15. March 2023 at Burgruine Lieli in Hohenrain LU 

- Beethoven Cello & Piano Sonata No 3 Op. 69, and 
- Rachmaninov Sonata Op. 19 on 
8. January 2023 in Reformierte Kirche Witikon ZH

* 2022 *

Cello concert for Peter Spillmann at Kirche Saanen in Gstaad on 28. December 2022 (Cello solo and together with organ)

Pianist at concerts of Blue Wonderful Gospelchor Chur
03. December 2022 in Andeer,
04. December 2022 in Bonaduz, 
10. December 2022 in Grüsch

Cello Concert for Hendryk Armbruster in Eich on 
19. November 2022

String Quartett Avalon  
11. November 2022 in Stäfa, 
12. November 2022 in Zurich, and 
13. November 2022 Herrliberg

Cello concert at in Zurich on 
26. October 2022

Cello Concert in Locarno on 
9. September 2022

Cello Concert in Vitznau on 
2. September 2022

Golden Festival with Zürcher Kammerphilharmonie (ZKP) and Solists 19.-21. August 2022 in Herrliberg and Zurich

Cello Concert at Bözberg on 
8. August 2022 

Concerts at Youth Classics by Swiss International Music Academy SIMA, exclusive strings masterclasses at 
15-24. July 2022 

Cellist at concert for Film Music Award Zollikon on 
26. June 2022

Wedding Concert in Küsnacht am Rigi on 
11. June 2022

Cello Concert at Pulpo Basel on 
09. June 2022

Cello Concert in Q Club Berlin on 
27. May 2022

Concert for Sascha Homberger in Waltenschwil on 
21. March 2022

Cello Concert in Erlenbach on 
26. February 2022

Cello-Piano-Duo 21. January 2021 (cancelled due to Covid restrictions by local hotels) with Anna Draganov-Bertogna at Gstaad chapel & charity dinner for Prospectus Mons foundation at Hotel Bernerhof, organized by Saveurs Gstaad 

* 2021 *

Concert in colors 29.12.2021 & 2.1.2021 in Rougemont
Christmas concert 23.12.2021 at private party in Winterthur

Postponed to 21. January due to Covid restrictions: Cello-Piano-Duo on Saturday 18.12.2021 with Anna Draganov-Bertogna at Gstaad chapel & charity dinner for Prospectus Mons foundation at Hotel Bernerhof, organized by Saveurs Gstaad

Cancelled due to Covid restrictions: Amúr Cello & 12 Strings Guitar Duo China Tour 12.2021

First cellist at Violinen-Gala of Zurich Youth Classics Orchestra
at Theater Spirgarten in Zurich, 21.11.2021

Cello performance 16.9.2021 at Mendelssohn Festival & Masterclass with Arto Noras in Hamburg

Cello Solo Concert 10.9.2021 at Beaux Art Galery in Rougement

Cello-Piano-Duo on Monday 21.08.2021 in Gstaad for private sponsor organized by Saveurs Gstaad  

String Trio & Cello Solo 23./24.7.2021 at Youth Classics Festival in Rheinau (local and streaming)

Cello Solo Concert 17.7.2021 at a Wedding in Maur am See 

Live Streaming Concert for SP Canton Solothurn on iConcert with Arte Animi Piano Duo 27.02.2021

Live Streaming Concert as a pianist, sound and video mixer for Chinese Embassy in Switzerland on 

Live Streaming Concert for Bea Knecht's Salon on iConcert with Arte Animi Piano Duo 

* 2020 *

Live Stream Concert on iConcert for Seniorenuniversität of University of Zurich with Arte Animi Piano Duo 

Live Stream Concert on iConcert for Jacques Hefti at ZHAW Entrepreneurship & Innovation with Arte Animi Piano Duo

Solo Cellist REDENsingen Musik Theater 
19.09.2020 sogar Theater Zürich
23.09.2020 sogar Theater Zürich
24.09.2020 sogar Theater Zürich
27.09.2020 sogar Theater Zürich
30.09.2020 sogar Theater Zürich
01.10.2020 sogar Theater Zürich

18.11.2020 Gare du Nord Basel
19.11.2020 Gare du Nord Basel
20.11.2020 Gare du Nord Basel